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USA Constitution -  Amendment One - Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;    or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The State of Texas

1836 - 1876 to NOW



April 2022

Re-posted September 26, 2022


The Illegal Immigration INVASION

on the Southern Texas Border

Updated from October 24th, 2021 posting

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“May 2022”

    The  text I started on the “In the News Now” page stayed dormant from changes and additions because I needed to see how long the major news organizations in the USA would cover up for the incompetence of the ENTIRE Biden Administration, especially our so called Vice President Harris, who appears to be a Democratic Party puppet for wasting time and money while achieving nothing useful nor practical in such a public office.   The Democrats are playing “spotlight politics” with the safety and future of the entire nation, leading us to a path of perpetual debt and extreme internal disturbances against the peace and prosperity, Trump had properly started.

    The years Trump COULD have been EVEN more productive as President were wasted by false accusations of slander and liable against him and his family, while democrats maneuvered to put the Bidens in to power while ignoring the southern border “stampede” of non USA Citizens that gives “camouflage” to extremely dangerous smuggling and other crimes that constantly exacerbates border dangers to intolerable levels for Texas and other Citizens of this nation.

originally posted

October 24th, 2021


        The Importance of this story and how the events being reported in it, events that adversely affect the Constitutionally protected rights of all American (USA/State) Citizens nationwide, through all generations, and Citizens working and/or living in foreign nations.   The fact that I have to preface this story, this way at all, indicates several other significant matters as well:

1.    Modern objective journalism in, most not all, mainstream sources is dead and/or dying due to neglect and Corporate  corruption and prostitution of the Constitution and it’s valid amendments.  Some are NOT valid and never were, they just were never thrust into the spotlight of meticulous public scrutiny.  

2.    Such amendments  are 16 and 23, among several all 16 and later.

The average adult has been dangerously “dumbed down” to what I “describe as a betazoid creature”, closer in resemblance elementary aged children and teenagers than cautious and mature thinking adults.

Potential and Economical Remedies

by the Criminal Courts

3. Their (general public) current level of ignorance, is witnessed in the emotional reaction to an adjective of “ignorant” to define their “social disease” inappropriate for public office in any state or federal office or job.   The litmus test is to record their initial responses.   If they are offended and think you are calling them “stupid”, they may be “chronically ignorant”.

4.  To avoid a NINTH amendment transgression of high powers delegated, Constitutional literacy being an essential qualification, the courts should have them “tested” (government based personnel) immediately for Constitution competency; to assure public safety that only Constitution competent Citizens are allowed any money from the US Treasury and/or a seat in Congress or State legislatures, especially with an election next year coming in Congress and some State government .  More to explain with that thought …….

5.    Governor Abbott should call a meeting of the Texas legislature AGAIN in 2021 so that the State legislature can get archival historical documentation, State Court certified as authentic, for recovery of damages from the Democratic National party and the Biden Administration, all under oath, for all involved in legislation Statewide.    

    Maybe 2021 will make the Guinness Book of World Records for times Texas reconvened the Legislature for coping with emergency situations in a single year.    Smile your making history today and tomorrow is likely to remember the Alamo.

Who is leading law enforcement ?

Who will repel this invasion, decisively ?

    When Biden got “into office”, it was a sad day for honest citizens who have worked so hard, their whole lives trying, to make life better than what they were born into, not just for themselves, but also their children as well.  

To explain this crisis at the border, is difficult, for the factors are numerous and the trail of criminal activity often must be traced through international activities.  Nonetheless, it is of extreme importance that Texas citizens fully understand the breaches of Constitutional oath occurring throughout the entire Biden Administration.  This illegal immigration invasion is a “piracy end run impediment” around the valid laws and Constitution specific duties and accountability which is extremely likely to “boomerang” on all the malicious Broadcasters who persecuted Donald J. Trump when he was President.

    This page begins a list of specific Counties in Texas AT the border, who are suffering through the crisis as best they can.  There is enormous cost of (“doing what Democrats are defrauding the public about”) in properly and thoroughly securing the Rio Grande River Border counties.   While premeditated IGNORING of the crisis by most big press has been going on for MANY years, they are also NOW participants in Biden’s crimes against the Constitution and the nation, complicit in doing so.  Such COLLUSION threatens the very safety of every adult young and old, as well all children under 21 years of age.


How Literate Are These Foreign Invaders ?

The more you study this website, the more Obvious the above question becomes, and more questions begin to take their natural course to minds working TOGETHER THROUGH the English language, to solve problems and prevent crimes being SHIPPED into the USA via desperate and emotional persons seeking through FEAR to escape the evil of other nations .

Who EXACTLY Are They ?

Some are “trained Marxists” who have stated such precisely of themselves, while others are just wanting a better life than the country they live in or were BORN in.  Either way there is most likely a “paper trail”, perhaps now digitized and FAR EASIER to create fraud with than 50 years ago.  The dangers of “DISEASE and contamination to various problems”  is bad enough without EVER importing it across any State or National border.  

The difference of the conditions of illicit immigration has been agitated by the NOW very wide variables of  AIRPORTS, which exist in about EVERY USA town of 10,000 or more.  More reason the Biden Administration is looking more and more like a “collection” of either political idiots or domestic TRAITORS with ulterior motives to their “careers” in government.

Where is their attempted destination and/or destinations ?

Some of these “invaders” actually DO have a SPECIFIC destination in mind. Some of the reports that have come on a regular basis for over two years now, especially on Fox News, indicate Border patrol reports that these people are coming from as many as 160 foreign countries and some are ON THE TERRORIST WATCH LIST.  

How did they get here ?

Mostly through criminal organizations getting powerfully wealthy while the BIG mainstream 20th century ICONS of press PRETEND the nation is NOT under BELLIGERENT ASSAULT outside the national borders.   That endangers all USA citizens to harm some times extreme harm.   

How much was actually spent to get into Texas and how does it help drug cartels ?

This particular question, begins to answer some of the above questions.

Are they affiliated to any organizations, governmental and/or private, in the USA ?

Yes, many are, some are not.

If so, which ones and are the involved in smuggling, human trafficking, etc. ?

This is a law enforcement question in need of an answer and the funding to get the very best answer to this and other questions of “first class” police and military work, etc.

Who can verify their precise truthful identity, under penalty of perjury ?

How much is it costing USA/State Citizens Each Day, from State, County, and National treasuries to cope with this illegal immigrant INVASION ?

Millions PER Day, Billions per month when you consider all national borders.

In government, What do you know about who is helping the Foreign invaders ?

When did you know it, who else has known also ?

KNOWN, Before or after obtaining any Public Office ?

What are the hourly, daily, weekly and monthly costs to private Citizens,

AND their county, State and school district treasuries, etc.  ?

Millions PER Day, Billions per month when you consider all national borders. Wasted labor of law enforcement, distracted to “baby sit the brats” at the border, causes MORE undetected, when not  CAPTURED, to be ON THE LOOSE, beyond the national borders, THUS endangering ALL 50 States to dangers that SOMETIMES have RESULTED in murders and other SERIOUS Crimes.

    The Texas Rio Grande Mexican Border,

is perhaps 2nd in size, only to the Alaskan/Canadian border in linear miles, and spans approximately 1700 miles along the river’s edge.  Reason enough to assure there is a warning FENCE completed to STOP intruders at the border, BEFORE their entry into the USA, for any reason, regardless of anything, Biden, Pelosi and Schumer (the dynamic trio of Evil) say or do.   Those three were constant maliciously and aggressively hostile impediments to the Trump Presidency, which I am certain would have had the Border Fence Completed from San Diego California to Brownsville Texas had the funding been in place AS THEIR OATH of office mandates.   

    They being the typical Democratic Party “copycat legislators”, play spotlight politics, rather than do their sworn duty to the Constitution, a form of embezzlement from the Constitutionally valid U.S. Treasury and State Treasuries, and a breach of their official oath of office.  See USA Constitution Article Two and Article Four also.

    Trump put them to shame, for their pathetic problem SOLVING capabilities, which are zero or next to it; Democrats CAUSE problems, then CHARGE citizens in higher taxes, to STOP causing problems, essentially a scheme of political extortion as well as FRAUD on the Voters, by “Concealment of Material Facts, a felony crime in MOST if not all USA/State Judicial Geographic Boundaries.  

    That is why they HATE Trump and slandered and libeled him, and others, his whole presidency, Trump remedied problems NOT cause them.  The presidency is a job that has no previous experience in the first term in or out of politics.  To do it right, AN Alert mind is essential, mandatory, and seldom, if ever, been in a Democrat President since JFK, who was a practical President to be respected.



This story is just getting started, see also reports by John Solomon and Sarah Carter that help give more insight to these “criminal acts of government officials”.

Texas Border Counties

All the Texas Counties listed below are Rio Grande Counties and all the townships in them, whether incorporated or not are Texas towns and/or cities.

This list was compiled from a county map, which “appeared” to touch the edge of the USA International boundaries at the Rio Grande River.  

Part of El Paso County Texas DOES NOT use the river as a boundary with Mexico and will need precise GPS surveying and precise markings in the least IMMEDIATELY, nationwide when bordering other nations.  That should be specifically ASSIGNED to the United States Marine Corps, supervised and funded by the Department of the Navy and ordered so by the United States Supreme Court, effective immediately.  

Congress will drag their feet and pretend competence till “a fire is built under their lying asses” to get results.  Breach of Constitutional Oath is a Felony charge.  Thus Criminal Courts responsibilty, nationwide.

This is a TENTH Amendment issue in all 50 states and valid Federal Territories.   All courts should see it is done immediately and done so in official Criminal Court proceeding and on the record complete with court reporters of such proceedings.  

This is a safeguard for later problems at the borders likely to arise both foreign and domestic in matters of domestic law and jurisdiction and foreign legal issues likely to be attempted.

All jurisdictional issues on any of our National borders are and always have been a Concurrent jurisdictional matter since all persons in government are sworn to the USA Constitution and the Original Constitution at their specific Statehood date.   Ninth amendment and tenth Amendment issues take control of the situation after Statehood historical dates.

In surveying and marking the Rio Grande border the river itself should have “high tech” FLOURESCENT “halfway buoys” permanently anchored to the river bottom EVERY 100 yards (300 feet) for easy identification in dark and low light conditions.   Any part of the Rio Grande that is less than 20 feet deep MUST be dredged to a depth to meet the safe and certain shipping cargo laden depths for two way traffic from Laredo, Texas to the Gulf.  All improvements to the river waterway must be 100 percent and thoroughly within the State of Texas.   After these international markers are done on the river, plans for (non electric) standard Petroleum fuels and  fueling stations in Zapata and Zapata County for the HIGH SECURITY Eagle Pass Naval Base to begin planning of such immediately, headquarters for the NEW Naval Space Command Caribbean Division to be carefully planned by the United States Navy, inspite of Congress (Article One Section Mandates) or the Presidency, with the direct assistance of all fifty State Supreme Courts, no excuses tolerated to the contrary.  If We Citizens are going to be taxed to trillion dollar debts, We Citizens are DAMN Sure gonna get 100 percent proper value and BANG for EVERY BUCK of IT.

Logistics Facilities NEEDED  *

These counties are being listed approximately “geographically sequential” from the Gulf of Texas to the western most Texas county, El Paso County, Texas.

El Paso county shares an interstate boundary, since 1912, with the USA State of New Mexico.

Directly on Rio Grande River National Border And Criminally endangered by Illegal Immigrants Invasion and other crimes. These endangered Counties are listed below:

In the graphics charted below some are today’s calculations while other mark a future position in Solar time and planetary movements, long before the first GPS device was ever made or sold in the USA or anywhere else.  The charts will show obvious movement of the planets closest to the Earth as all planets orbit the Sun of OUR solar system.

This area reserved for audio News files

Audio File updates about border invasion traumas etc.

Much of what we have experienced, as indicated in the photo above of June 7, 2021, which appears to be a carefully manipulated oil market place, has all the indicators, that We the middle class citizens are being “squeezed” in a “Battle of the Billionaires”.  

The big question is how did something so important in the energy market, get put in such a position, without being analyzed thoroughly by the U.S. Department of Energy for insider trading and prejudiced and/or compromised data streams and other, “wild West fastest gun style” digital deception.  Sort of “Take The Money and Run” emotion manipulated reactions.

While the average American Citizen is not “computer savvy” beyond click, drag and drop,  and SPEND, few can accurately spot the sources, nor know the “TRUTH about “Legal Tender”.

The “redundant responses of past mistakes” indicates the same “roaring nineteen twenties” mentality and careless lifestyles and ignorance is dominant long before Trump took office in 2017.   Far too many high tech, overpriced high dollar shelves of our American Businesses are saturated with Chinese made products, with price tags from GREEDY American companies.  

In 2021 and 2022, we witnessed ships backed up off the coast of California, followed by California market manipulations and press reporting on the Mainstream press TV  BIAS just about everything they thought they could blame Donald Trump for, while their “ECO pirates”  terrorize the common sense deficit generations, now being baited to “self destruct themselves” and the nation.   Let’s explore what, where, who, when and why things are getting in to “dangerous and foolish behavior…………


To be continued later on the Money web page

The State of Texas Counties which border the Rio Grande River

International Border/Boundary with the Nation of Mexico

Texas County Seats used to calculate GPS coordinates and planetary positions  in the charts shown below.

As I was preparing to upload these files I noticed I had not put the chart for Val Verde County with these other charts, but will add it soon.  The Texas County Seat for Val Verde County is Del Rio and one of the most threatened of the Texas towns, when 15,000 Haitians and others entered CRIMINALLY in their BORDER crossing from Mexico.  The Biden Administration is lying to the public about the dangers at our international border with Mexico, and have consistently been criminally and intentionally evasive of duty in these and other matters.


From Overview notes on page “The 50 States’s Constitutions”

This space is reserved for a very broad general explanation of the content, as well as, information for the Courts concurrently.

For those who don’t understand “jurisdiction issues” it means it is for both State and Federal Courts simultaneously as information, not OUT of Context to their Constitutionally proper sphere of duties and responsibilities, as per the Presidential oath in Article II, which is the absolute minimum oath for all Government personnel both Elected and appointed. Such is “without prejudice” past, present and future tense settings and localities.

It also is imperative for ALL layers and/or levels of government to realize, the oath to the USA Constitution, is not an oath to the job descriptions in it.  The three branches of government are clearly identified, but things put into law by Congress can still be adjusted by valid Citizens with and through a Constitution Convention of the 50 States.  Any “residue of wicked legislation”, can then be corrected or deleted in all Congressional legislation. Wasteful spending can be halted and important issues brought to the top of the list, while frivolous and petty things place DOWN the list while PRIORITIES of national importance clearly itemized for adjustment and/or correction.  In all points of such remember the oath is to protect, defend AND preserve the Constitution. That means all of it, only adjusting what is NECESSARY !!

Much remains to be explained about this web page and the “trojan horse legislation” the dates with each State indicates. As of 12-23-2022, due to be added are dates of a State’s first Constitution which will clearly show in comparison, a breach of high powers delegated, both of the ninth and tenth amendments, by various Congresses through the post civil war era and the years that followed.  Preparing this info is time consuming.  Be patient.

In Congress today they “railroaded a massive spending spree bill” for purposes most citizen would thoroughly reject, such is an example of ninth and tenth amendment breach of oath actions against all citizens in all 50 states. It prejudices the oath the NEWLY elected are about to TAKE in about 10 days.  Trying to pass it BEFORE others get in Congress to STOP IT.  Criminal legislation actions by those who voted for it before the power shift in Congress in January.  

The Courts should scrap that whole “debt trap” COMPLETELY till it is given 12 months of review by all who vote or DO NOT vote for it or on it.  Even the Courts would need 3 months to look for Constitutionally repugnant parts of it, which is almost certain to be extensive, as shown how they made it impossible for any Congressman or woman to properly comprehend it for their vote.  It is certain to be loaded with “booby trap clauses” and unconstitutional definitions and actions.

To be continued, God willing

Previous Problems on the Mexico Border with USA

Pershing, John J. | ˈəSHiNG, -ZHiNG |

(1860–1948), US army officer; full name John Joseph Pershing; known as Black Jack. His early military years included active duty in Cuba 1889, the Philippines 1899–1903, and Mexico 1916–17 before he became commander in chief of the American Expeditionary Force 1917–19 in World War I. His Meuse-Argonne offensive 1918 led to the final collapse of the German Army. He served as US Army chief of staff 1921–24.


        Pershing’s expeditionary forces, had subordinate officers and West Point graduates Dwight D. Eisenhower and George S. Patton Jr., who later would serve in WWII as Commanders of American troops in Europe.  In March of 1916, responding to intense pressures from Congress, then Democratic Party President Woodrow Wilson, sent Pershing’s Expeditionary Forces to the Texas - Mexico Border to STOP the border raids and restore peace and safety to Texas border communities.   History reports that Pancho Villa was responsible for deaths on both sides of the International Border with Mexico.  The history of unstable government in Mexico is well documented.  It is their unstable government which allowed European Monarchy maniac Maxmillian to put a European dictatorship in place in Mexico in the 1860’s.  It was an ongoing problem with “the Holy Roman Empire” that did not end with Spain till after the Spanish American War of 1898.   After THAT war, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the Philippines BECAME UNITED STATES of AMERICA soil, which was later attacked by the Japanese in World War II, and recovered by General Douglas MacArthur in the Japanese surrender September 2, 1945.


Conquered by Spain in 1565, the islands were ceded to the US in 1898, following the Spanish-American War. The Philippines achieved full independence as a republic in 1946. From 1965, the country was under the increasingly dictatorial rule of Ferdinand Marcos; he was driven from power in 1986 and replaced by Corazón Aquino, who was president until 1992. Economic improvements that emerged in the 1990s were undone by the East Asian financial crisis that closed the decade. In 2013 large areas were devastated by typhoon Haiyan with the strongest winds ever recorded on land.


A Spanish colony, Cuba became nominally independent after the Spanish–American War of 1898 and achieved full autonomy in 1934. Fidel Castro led a communist revolution in 1959, and held the presidency until replaced by his brother Raúl Castro in 2008. The country suffered under a US trade embargo and, after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Eastern bloc in 1991, lost much of its trade. Since 2014 trade and diplomatic relations with the USA have improved.

While reviewing these pieces of history, bear in mind that Cuba is 90 miles from the southern most point of the USA State of Florida and has posed a belligerent threat to all southern states of the USA, most of it’s history since Castro came to power there in 1959.  The Cuban Missile Crisis of the early 1960’s, should NOT be overlooked when trying to analyze the source of 2018-2022 border invasions into the border States with Mexico.  Nor the JFK murder of November 22, 1963.

Texas history remains a part of Our children’s education in this State, but the root causes connected specifically to “the Holy Roman Empire” were NEVER thoroughly taught as to the REASONS various wars were occurring in Europe and with others in world history.  

This is something that needs thorough scrutiny as to specifically who the people and groups which have CAUSED this dissension among Nations, actually are, beyond doubt.

In all fairness, we must review the HISTORY of the Roman Catholic Church and the countries which comprised the “Holy Roman Empire” nations collectively on  the soil of Europe, as they NOW are as nations, and remembering a period of Human history that has been inundated with wars and the trail of suffering and misery that goes with such behavior, is as much a spiritual problem as it is a problem of the flesh. “That which is flesh is flesh and that that which is Spirit is Spirit”, something Jesus of Nazareth taught the human creatures of his day and era.  

The woo of aftermath of wars is staggering and never justified, but one side wins and another loses, BUT what are their motives that started such.  Nation against nation one defending what is rightfully theirs and another attempting to take what is NOT rightfully theirs to take.  Since the days of the Roman Empire, the nations of Europe have shifted by the UNJUST acts of several nations, at different times, taking that which does not belong to them.  There are numerous reasons and excuses, but all humans bleed the same, blood RED.  When do these insane leaders, trying to conquer the world in one way or another, come to an end ?  The #1 question of the 21st Century.   Perhaps when people putting them into power, do their homework on such persons, BEFORE they get into power, to know WHAT KIND of person they truly are.  Television has to produce good reporters before such, so REMOVING them from power becomes less of a struggle, wherever their evil shows up.  Till then you will have to Survive to effect the proper changes, that causes the pain and suffering to STOP.

Updated this page February 7th, 2022 with additional text and will also

be preparing audio files for it to further detail what you read here.

- Aries  - Taurus  - Gemini  

- Cancer  - Leo  - Virgo

- Libra  - Scorpio  - Sagittarius  

- Capricorn  - Aquarius - Pisces

Each sign is associated to an element of one of the following:

Fire signs:   - Aries  - Leo  - Sagittarius

Earth signs:  - Taurus  - Virgo  - Capricorn

Air sign:  - Gemini  - Libra  - Aquarius

Water signs:  - Cancer  - Scorpio  - Pisces

Throughout the 20th Century American Newspapers included columns on Astrology, but such only served to introduce people to the subject matter, in a VERY broad way.   The examination of an ENTIRE natal chart explains things to far greater depths of thought.   

Example:  When I look at a chart, if  some factors are in the water signs, greater depth of analysis may indicate psychic sensitivity, something extremely important for parents to be aware of, for the UNSEEN influences to the child, ESPECIALLY in ALL pre-adult years.   There are varying and different “spiritual gifts” God in the Christian sense, may have bestowed upon a child at the “octave” their spiritual energy will resonate to, like tuning forks for a piano.   

In such topics of  “Telepathy” which has three basic distinctions, EMPATHIC, radiant, or both, this will likely prove important in the overall LIFE trajectory for a child.   

The child that is empathic is the MOST vulnerable, in youthful ignorance, for they are like an “emotional sponge” soaking up the thoughts and emotions of  everyone in close proximity to them.   It can be extremely  confusing to them to cope with, especially under the age of ten years of age, where their “thinking” in a natural sense is likely to be VERY PURE from social contaminations, around “unspiritual types” of other people.   They will NEED to learn to “TUNE OUT” others as well as be confident of who they are in a spiritual sense, distinguishing THEIR OWN thoughts from those ‘FOREIGN” to their personality.

Newspaper columns, while good as an introduction to the subject matter, are never going to give the needed insight to a personal chart being done.   It is one’s ability to comprehend THEIR OWN INDIVIDUAL strengths and weaknesses that allow them GROW in a positive way Spiritually.   This thought would correlate with the teaching of Jesus in the beatitudes thought “Judge not and be not judged”.   Each life is a composite of influences and experiences that are never revealed in others till we take enough time to get to know them beyond Good Morning  or Hello.

The above glyphs are in Windows “wing dings” font and easy to use with the “character map” that has been in Windows at least when I was using 3.1 back in the 1980’s, and is still in Windows 10.

Illegal border crossings discussed